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Please read these terms and conditions(the"terms")before using this website and any underlying goods,services or materials(collectively,the"website").By continuing to visit or use this website,you accept these terms.Central Holding will modify its terms from time to time without notice.Therefore,please read these terms carefully whenever you visit or use this website.Your use of the website will constitute your acceptance of the modified terms after the modification of the terms is published.If you do not accept these terms at any time,you should not use this website.

This website is for general reference and information purposes only.Without limiting the generality of the terms,although the central holding group will make reasonable efforts to improve the website,Central Holding will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the website.Central Holding shall not be liable for any damage caused by or in connection with the use of the website.

1.User agrees to this clause.You represent that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms.You further agree:(a)to comply with the relevant laws regarding the transmission of any data obtained from the use of this website in accordance with the terms,(b)not to use this website for illegal purposes,and(c)not to interfere with or interrupt the network connected to this website.

2.intellectual property right.Unless otherwise stated,all copyrights and other intellectual property rights,including but not limited to information,data,text,content,logo,layout,photo,image,video,audio,graphics,trademarks(including but not limited to the trademarks listed below)and button icons existing in any form or medium on the website and related to the website,absolutely belong to Central Holding.This website may contain materials owned by third parties,including but not limited to logos or trade names,which are trademarks of third parties.Central Holding does not grant any right to use the license,and does not assume any responsibility for infringement of such third party rights.The license in this clause does not extend to any material on the linked website or any content on the website whose copyright or intellectual property belongs to a third party.You should obtain authorization or permission from the relevant copyright or intellectual property rights holders to use the content.

3.Usage restriction.You may not use this website for any illegal purpose or in any way in violation of this clause.You agree to use this website solely for personal,non-commercial purposes and interests,and not for resale or other transfer or disposal to,or for the benefit of,any other person or entity.

4.Further restrictions on use.You may not copy,reproduce,recompile,decompile,disassemble,reverse engineer,distribute,publish,display,execute,modify,upload,create derivative works from it,hyperlink,propagate or use any part of this website in any way,except that you may download materials from this website and/or make a printed copy for your personal non-commercial use Tu,provided that you retain the integrity of all trademarks and service marks,and retain all copyright and other proprietary notices.However,Central Holding reserves the right to withdraw your license for the above use at any time.In addition,you may not use any trademark,trade name or service trademark of Central Holding group in any way,so as to give the impression that these names and trademarks belong to you or are related to you,or are used with the consent of Central Holding,and you acknowledge that you do not have the ownership of any names and trademarks.You will not use or link to this site in unsolicited mail or spam.

5.License.In addition to the limited rights to use the site in accordance with the terms,you have absolutely no rights or licenses to the site or the site.

6.Fees and payments.Central Holding reserves the right to charge for accessing the website or the whole content of the website at any time.If Central Holding requires to charge for some parts of the website or the whole website at any time,Central Holding will ask you to register and create an account.In any case,unless Central Holding obtains your prior consent to pay such fees,you will not be charged for Any fee will be charged to you for visiting any part or whole of this website.

7.Disclaimer and limitation of liability.This website is for general reference and information only.You agree to use this website at your sole risk.Central Holding(including Central Holding's officers and employees,general partner,affiliates,subsidiaries,successors and heirs,suppliers and their third party guarantee)shall not be liable for any compensation to us.To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws Without limiting the generality of the foregoing,you acknowledge that:

(I)the information provided on this website is not intended to establish any relationship with you,no matter in contract form or in other forms.Nothing on this website is intended or should be regarded as recommendation or recommendation,and you should not rely on the information on this website for any purpose.The information on this website is not an invitation to invest in Central Holding or any subsidiary;

(II)this website and any content(including but not limited to content,service,commodity or advertisement(hereinafter referred to as"the project")are provided"as is",and Central Holding does not provide any form of express or implied guarantee for the following content:project,including but not limited to quality,marketability,non infringement,ownership or specific purpose or use The applicability of path;

(III)Central Holding is not responsible for any loss(if any)caused by your reliance on any part of this website;

(IV)Central Holding does not guarantee that the website is compatible with your devices,or that the website is free of errors or viruses,worms or"Trojans";

(V)the content of other websites,services,goods or advertisements that may be linked to this website is not maintained,controlled or recognized by the Central Holding,therefore,Central Holding shall not be liable for any one of them(including but not limited to liability)arising from the infringement of any law or the rights of any person or entity by the content of any third party website)Central Holding bureau is also not responsible for the availability,content or accuracy of such other websites;

(VI)this website is for general reference and information only,and Central Holding does not guarantee the order,accuracy,integrity,integrity or timeliness of this website;

(VII)terms and conditions of other agreements that may be subject to in some parts of this website,in which Central Holding is outside the control of the party and the Central Holding may be.

8.indemnities.You agree to defend,at your own expense,and hold harmless,representation,supplier and agent from and against any claims,actions,suits or other proceedings,claims,suits or other proceedings against,and employees of,Central Holding and its officers,employees,representatives,suppliers and agents You agree to pay any and all fees,damages and expenses,including but not limited to any such claim,lawsuit,

9.applicable law.This clause shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong SAR.You agree to submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong SAR in respect of any legal proceedings related to this website or arising from the interpretation or breach of this clause

10.access to places outside Hong Kong.Central Holding does not mean that this website is suitable or available for use in jurisdictions outside Hong Kong.If you choose to access this website from places outside Hong Kong,you are responsible for complying with foreign and local laws

11.severability.If any provision of this clause is found to be invalid or unenforceable,it will be enforced to the maximum extent allowed,and other provisions of this clause will continue to be valid

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